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SWASTIC OFFSET is a Printing and Packaging Solution Provider. A company driven with conviction of maintaining the quality with the help of high end modern state of art technology.

A leading manufacturer of Folded Paper Box in western part of India for FMCG products, Dairy products, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry. SWASTIC OFFSET has all the facility under one roof from designing to dispatch which is making the company growing enviably faster among the Folded Paper Box manufacturing industry. With one of the largest capacity for the manufacturing of Folded Paper Box across Gujarat, SWASTIC OFFSET caters to a wide array of industry verticals in India and across the globe; the major of them being FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Foods & beverages and Cosmetics. Professionally managed and an established name in the organized packaging sector of India.

The printing and packaging industry has added volumes of experience to Swastic's expertise. And, clubbed with this expertise is the energy and passion of a forward-thinking young team of printing experts, engineers and management professionals who come together to propel Swastic's growth with innovative product lines and strong working systems. The company has also increased the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization through continual improvement in systems and products /services quality.

SWASTIC OFFSET is a company providing solutions for printing and packaging. SWASTIC OFFSET’s plant has capacity to produce 2 million Folded Paper Boxs per day with the help of its high speed machines. Company has prioritized the needs of customer first as the company believes in customer satisfaction with high qualities. In regular maintenance work utilization of maximum asset are done.

SWASTIC OFFSET has always been customer centric. The company’s philosophy has always been serving the customer with the product which has quality at no extra cost and which has to be delivered on time. As a social responsibility SWASTIC OFFSET is having proper waste management system. At SWASTIC OFFSET every employee of the company, right from the founders of the company to the gatekeeper of the company value quality. The entire organization is committed to quality in every facet of work and policies are written to incorporate quality in thought, manner as well as action.

SWASTIC OFFSET believes in four things:
  1. Quality product
  2. Cost Effectiveness
  3. Value Additions
  4. Timely delivery

Swastic offset was started by three young dedicated entrepreneurs with passion and knowledge of building a quality printing enterprise in 1987 at Mehsana district, Gujarat. The company was started in 500 square feet of space with just a single color printing machine. It was a small step the entrepreneurs as a quality printing enterprise that went on to become one of the top notch company in this sector of India as well as getting recognition across the globe.

During mid-90 the company was shifted to new plant of 5000 square feet of area with better facilities for printing and packaging in North Gujarat at that time. It was first and only unit at that time which had all one stop shop of multi-color printing and packaging solutions.

And then a decade later Swastic offset moves towards its biggest step with all kind of modern state of an art technology with professionals in 50000 sq. feet of area with more than two machines of a same kind at every process to meet high quality production.

After more than two decades of outstanding and remarkable journey of providing quality work in FMCG sector has lead Swastic Offset to a INR 400 million packaging company. Swastic Offset has been producing quality graded 2 million cartons per day.

Today, Swastic Offset is having Multi color printing machine with latest up gradation of coater, UV surface finishing, Aluminum foil lamination, E-flute boxes, CTP based printing facility, Automatic high speed Die cutting machines, High speed lock bottom folder gluer machine with hot melt system is providing clients with world class cartons across the globe.

Mr. Atul Pandit

Mr. Sanjay Patel

Mr. Snehal Rayaka

The company also has well equipped laboratory: GSM testing, COB tester, Moisture tester, Burst factor, Rub tester. Before dispatching mandatory quality inspection happens. In house facility so that our customers don’t have to go out for any other work related to Folded Paper Box uncompromisingly high standards of cleanliness during the entire production process.

As SWASTIC OFFSET an ISO 9001:2008 company, it involves top management in the improvement of the Quality management System of SWASTIC OFFSET.

ISO 9001:2008 certification has made the company to adopt the process approach to achieve organizational objectives, resources and activities need to be managed as processes, with an understanding of how the output of one process affects the inputs of another. The Company has also achieved system approach to management which enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

Technology We Use

Learn About Our Technology

With the help of latest upgrading in technology we are able to produce quality product confidently. We are having state of an art technology in printing and post press section which help us in creating quality product at low production cost.

We are able to generate product prototype which we can show to our customers for approvals and then we work on it so we can reduce time while production and can reduce error while production.

  • Pre press

    Swastic Offset is having prepress section for Folded Paper Box to avoid human errors while making design and printing plates at higher qualitiy with customer satisfaction.

    Plate exposing machine : KODAK CTP
    Capacity : 22 Plates/ hrs
    Paper cutting machine : Hi-Cut
  • Printing machine

    Heidelberg, Germany
    5 colour with coater
    Speed: 15000 Sheets/hrs
    Size: 20” X 28”
    Komori, Japan
    5 colour
    Speed: 12000 sheets/hour
    Size: 19” X 26”
  • Surface Finishing

    Autoprint Fine Coat 80 UV & Aqueous Spot Coating machine, India
    Varnish Coater with Anilox Roller
    Used for spot and full coat
    Lamination Machine (2 nos)
    All types of BOPP finishes and Alu-foil finishes can do
  • Die-Cutting machine

    MAXIMA EXB 35-Acme, India (3 nos)
    Speed: 5000 sheets/Hour
    High speed
    Scoring facility
    High precision embossing
  • Folding machine

    Acme Machinery India Pvt Ltd. (2 nos)
    High speed gluing
    High Productivity
    Multiple pasting
    Crash lock pasting
    Pre-folding facility
    Hot Melt module
  • Q.C. Equipments

    Bursting Strenght Testing
    COB testing
    GSM tester
    Ink Rub testing
    Caliper Thickness Guage
    Crease & Board stiffness tester

Our Products

Learn About Our Products

We are having expertise in manufacturing seamless range of high quality printed folding cartons from reverse tuck cartons to crash lock cartons. Our product range itself tells about every type of folding Folded Paper Box we can produce.

Our in-house capabilities can able to produce High quality printed Folded Paper Box, Alu-foil Laminated cartons, Spot UV cartons, Aqua varnish cartons, Clam shell & tray cartons, Braille cartons, etc. We are able to produce many different type of printed, UV, laminated Folded Paper Box as per customer needs.

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     120, G.I.D.C. Phase - II, Dediyasan,
          Mehsana- 384 002.
          Gujarat (India)
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